Printer Repair at Our Facility

Under Warranty:

If your Ultimaker printer is less than one year old, you qualify for repair work and/or replacement parts under warranty for issues due to malfunctions and defective parts. Warranty does not cover any issues related to after-market parts. The Ultimaker Original, the Ultimaker Original +, and the Heated Bed Upgrade Kit are sold as kits and have a more stringent list of warranty exemptions. Problems due to incorrect assembly on kits are not covered. Please see the Ultimaker warranty policy for complete details. In order to send your printer in, you must have been in contact with fbrc8 Support either by phone or email.

Phone: 1-888-229-9046

A technician will walk you through basic troubleshooting for your issue through the support system. When you and the technician have reached the point that you no longer can work on your machine (or you are uncomfortable with the next step), we can send you a shipping label.

Your printer will be shipped to our facility via FedEx Ground. You will be given instructions on how to properly re-pack your Ultimaker in its original box. Any damage incurred during shipping due to improper packing or non-original packaging will not be repaired under warranty. You would become responsible for the cost of parts and labor to repair shipping damage. Before any work is done on a damaged printer, you will be consulted about how you wish to proceed. 

You will be notified via email when your printer has arrived at our facility. As soon as your machine has been evaluated by a technician, you will receive an update on the condition of your printer. We keep a record of every part that is replaced and every test that is conducted. Once your printer is repaired, we run test prints to ensure that you do not experience any issues with axis movement, heating, or extrusion. We can send photos of the test print(s) at your request. Once you have approved of the quality of your test prints, we will return the machine to you via FedEx Ground properly packed in original packaging to ensure safe delivery. If we have not received confirmation to ship within 2 business days, we will automatically return your printer to you.

Non-Warranty Repair:

If your printer has aged out of warranty or you have issues with modified or after-market parts, you do not qualify for free warranty repairs. Any work that fbrc8 does on your machine is subject to the cost of diagnostics, parts, and labor. An initial fee of $125 covers the initial analysis, basic tuning, and return shipping (within the continental United States; international shipping is an additional charge, customs duties are not covered by fbrc8). Additional labor is $75.00 per hour rounding up to the hour. You can see the cost of many of the replacement parts by going to our web store. You will also be responsible for the cost of inbound shipping. Upon arriving at our facility, your machine will be diagnosed by one of our technicians. This is covered under the initial $125. You will be notified of our findings and the estimated cost of repair and repair parts. Upon your approval, we will send you an invoice for the cost of parts and labor. Once you have paid, we will commence work on your machine. All machines that have been repaired will be thoroughly tested at our facility, with photos sent to you for approval on print quality if you desire. You will receive a tracking number when your printer is shipped back to you.


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Opening a Support Ticket


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